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Plastic extrusion and ThermoForming – Machines and Services


Plastic extrusion thermoforming

We at PeTec Engineering are dedicated to guide, support and supply you with all machineries and know-how needed to start plastic production at your location and to develop your business.


Petec Engineering provides you with

  • State of the art knowledge in Pipe and profile extrusion techniques (solid wall and pressure pipes) and Thermo forming
  • Plastic Extrusion Machines >
  • Newest available machinery park
  • Business Development
  • Project management and start-up
  • Training and education
  • Technical support and problem solving during production.

Why PeTec Engineering?

Our experience of producing plastic have given us outstanding knowledge how plastic pipes and products made by thermo forming should be produced in the most cost efficient way. In a very close co-operation with machine suppliers we have a direct link from production into machine design and development.

Our staff has long experience of project management, technical problem solving anywhere in the world.

We are doers.

Soita PeTec