Plastic Extrusion and Thermoforming – Machinery and Services

Solutions for Plastic Extrusion and ThermoForming


PeTec Engineering provides machinery and equipment for plasic extrusion and thermoforming and services and consulting for plastic production.

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plastic extrusion thermoforming machine

Machinery and Equipment

PeTec Engineering provides several types of equipment from single machines to total production lines and equipment needed to start production.

Machinery is available for usage with PE/PP/PVC, Single and Double Screw extruders, solid wall and corrugated pipelines. Machines can also be tailored to your specific needs.


Extrusion Lines

PE/PP Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Lines 500-1200.
PE/PP Solid Wall Pipe Extrusion Lines 20- 800 OD.
PE/PP Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Lines 16-50 mm.



Perforators 110-600 ID – Also available for Pipes with Integrated Bell.



PE/PP Single Screw Extruders, Screw diameter  30-180 mm. Output: 2 – 1200 Kg/h.



PE/PP Corrugators 500-800 ID.
PE/PP Corrugators 200-400 ID.


Belling Machines

Belling Machines 20-1000 OD.


PeTec Engineering

Services and Consulting

PeTec provides Technical and Business Development Services in plastic industry for management, production and engineering sectors.

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PeTec Technical Services

  • Prototype and product development
  • R&D laboratory services
  • Pre studies
  • Technical consultation
  • Extrusion Process Consultation, Development and Trouble Shooting
  • Machineries
  • Rawmaterials, selection and modification
  • Installation
  • Technical support

PeTec Business Services

  • Plastic Sector Business Development
  • Quality Control, Management and Development
  • Technical Staff Recruitment Consulting
  • Transfer of technical know-how
  • Training/Education
  • Process Development
  • Project Management
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