TehoDrain french drain non-clogging

French Drain TehoDrain non clogging

TEHODrain – Non-Clogging French Drain

French Drain with a Gravity separation drainage pipe – a maintenance-free solution for underground drainage.

TEHODrain guards the water level by means of letting the water rise up in a confined wide slot on the underside. When water rises in a sheltered space, no hard particles, such as grit, sand or soil particles will accompany.


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  • Effictive Performance
  • Safe and Reliable
  • No Risk for Clogging
  • Cost Efficient
  • Maintenance Free
  • Long-Term Durability and Life Cycle.

Your drainpipes are clogged – why?

Traditional drainpipes function on the basis of utilizing filters. On average 90 % of their efficiency disappears within 3 years from installation. The pipes silt up and become sludged. The pipes also become clogged by roots and the iron levels of the ground.  Dry drainpipes do not always mean a well-functioning system. A problem can also be geotextile filters clogged by terrestrial fine particles. Regardless of application a filter is always a temporary solution. If drainpipes do not function properly it can at worst mean moist conditions in the building leading to problems with damp and mould.


TehoDrain drainpipes do not need a geotextile filtering system to work. The fine particles in the french drain envelope are separated in the pipe by the gravity separation function. For this reason TehoDrain is non-clogging and maintenance-free.

clogged french drain

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